Keri Bowie

Fuquay artist Keri Bowie, has been described as, “a talent both intriguing and captivating, conveying emotions through color and stroke… a feast for my eyes”. She specializes in colorful contemporary paintings and utilizes many mediums- oil, acrylic and watercolor- to bring a full range of life and evoke a heart warming feeling from the smallest to the tallest children.

Early on Keri began her artistic expression in all things creative, from sculpture to photography before concentrating her talents on children's art. She found herself settling into this niche quite slowly at first. "Having a friend every now and then expecting a baby - it made a nice unique gift and was always a big hit at the showers. Then it just snowballed and everyone I knew was starting a family. It's still a great gift whether it's the first or fourth child!"

Keri and husband Tom, both originally from Long Island, New York, are busy working and raising two boys, Keegan and Gavin. This shift in responsibility only amplified her drive to maintain her identity as an artist. Finding time to be creative, set up shows, and explore new opportunities has become an art in itself to this busy mother, wife and career woman.

She strongly believes that spending time artistically only benefits her family and helps create a healthy role model for her sons to chase their dreams. "I love that I found something I love to do that includes my sons' interests and input".